The island is called Motu Tane, which translates to “island of universal love” or “island of man.” It’s one of 118 islands in French Polynesia and is a 5 minute boat ride from Bora Bora. In the late 90s Nars took a family trip, island hopping around French Polynesia, and fell in love. He was mesmerized by the color and beauty of the islands so much that he ended up buying one! (He had also just received a windfall of cash after having sold his company to Shiseido.) In 2000 he partnered up with Liagire to begin designing his fantasy island retreat.

Before Nars acquired the island it had none of the comforts of civility…no electricity, no running water, etc. Designing his dream resort was an extensive undertaking that required Liaigre to bring in a team of experts from around the world to help Nars realize his dream. This included an ecologist who was flown in from Australia to oversee the construction of the island’s water and utilities systems to ensure that none of the delicate reefs would be harmed as the pipes were being laid. He also brought in French landscape architect Pascal Cribier to overhaul the island’s landscaping and plant more than 1500 coconut palm trees on the property.

The end result is absolutely stunning. The stylish resort consists of 13 wooden bungalows with thatched roofs surrounded by a huge open living room (above) designed in the style of a traditional Tahitian meeting house. The interiors all feature dark, polished wood floors and Polynesian style furniture made of antique teak, African and Thai woods. Much of the furniture and many of the structural elements used to construct the bungalows were hand crafted in France and shipped to Motu Tane.

There are two very large master suite bungalows (pictured above), one for Nars and one for his parents. There are also two smaller guest suites with two bedrooms each and nine stand alone bungalows. All are situated right on the beach or in the property’s gardens.

There are also separate bungalows for fitness, a library (above), a kitchen (below), and a huge living compound for Nars’ staff who maintains the property. There’s even a photography studio which is used by Nars, also a photographer, as well as for photography crews to use while staging photo shoots there for publications like Vogue. Many of the property’s bungalows feature Nars’ own photography, mostly portraits of Polynesian natives.

Nars spends 5-6 months out of the year at Motu Tane. During the times he’s not there he rents the place out for up to $378K per week. Yikes! Have a look at a few more of the photos below. I mean, isn’t this the most beautiful place you’ve ever seen?! TRULY PARADISE!!! Motu Tane has a website for people interested in renting the island. Check it out 


" Never before had I seen waters the color of the rainbow or like fireworks, springing right out of some maddened imagination, or from Gaugin’s own palette. Waters the color of bronze, of copper, gold, silver, mother-of-pearl, pearl, jade, emeralds, moonlight or the aurora borealis. The stars themselves seemed to have fallen to the sea, scintillating brilliantly on the lagoon’s surface, in bright sunlight, who could find the right words,what poet images,what painter even colors , to describe the scene? I give up."

Paul Emile Victor, a French Explorer’s impression on seeing Bora Bora for the first time from the cockpit of an airplane in 1958. He retired to Bora Bora and lived in Motu Tane.

Motu Tane island lies across the channel from Bora Bora, owned by renowned french make-up artist François Nars with interiors by Christian Liagre. This stunning island can accommodate up to 20 guests and is rented to only one party of guests at a time.

The island has all that you would expect, a chef to cook divine and fresh meals, in the garden under hundreds of coconut tress, beach barbeque’s, torch-lit dinners and Tahitian feasts with those incredible dance groups. Snorkeling the crystal clear waters to discover the phenomenal array of colors, local massages with the unforgettable fragrance of Monoi oil, paddle board, windsurf and even for those who can’t bear to live without there is a gym and flat screen tv’s in the rooms.

From the pictures you can just use your imagination on how unforgettable this place would be. I would just stare at the the beauty all day long, swim,eat, sleep and have a big perma smile all day and night. One on my list of places to see, still have not done Polynesia and this would be just perfect, anyone interested in renting it? The only shock is the price but understandably, its a trip of a lifetime, see the website for more info.