Fiat and Lapo Elkann celebrate the 60th anniversary of the 500 Spiaggina with the new Spiaggina by Garage Italia and the series Fiat 500 "Spiaggina '58"

It was the summer of ’58 when in the streets of Capri, the 500 Spiaggina made its first debut. Since then it became the symbol of the ‘60s, of La Dolce Vita.

Beloved by everyone, but above all by Lapo Elkann, chairman and creative director of Garage Italia, who, sixty years after that far summer, gave a new life to the essence of this iconic car.

“Love at first sight, one that strikes dead your heart and soul. These are the feelings that I have every time I look at a 500 and whenever I drive one of them. I fell in love with her when I was a child and growing up I dreamed of its rebirth”

Lapo’s creative hub and Fiat have prepared two very special tributes.

The first one is the Spiaggina by Garage Italia created thanks to the precious technical and engineering contribution of Pininfarina, that with the colors Blue Volare, Perla White and Garage Blue immediately transmit that carefreeness and joie de vivre typical of the summer. As the first Spiaggina, there’s no roof and the rear passenger space has been turned into a large compartment with an integrated road shower, perfect for a day at the beach. Obviously, the car, with a design that recalls that of luxury yachts, is bookable and can be customized.

The second tribute, by Fiat, is the new Fiat 500 “Spiaggina ’58” special series, produced in a limited edition of 1.958.

“The new “Spiaggina ’58” is our birthday gift to 500 for its birthday and the 60th anniversary of the “spiaggina”, a real “time machine” incorporating many reminders of the Dolce Vita era, such as the vintage logos and wheels, the white waistrail, the choice of convertible format only and the two-tone interior. Not to mention a special colour just for this series: Volare Blue”