Le TIGRR Indochine is a friendly concept wich can be private and festive a the same time, with a coaxing feline theme. The menu offers the best standards of Thai and Asian cuisine with as a beautifully interpreted Chinese fondue as signature dish.
Both a bar and a restaurant, Le TIGrr Indochine promises a spicy excursion, a gourmet getaway, and the beginning to some wild nights…you won’t escape the claws of Le TIGrr.

Located in the Hotel Ermitage, Le TIGrr found its summer lair.

Intimate den, secret room in subdued light to better stay hidden, the restaurant is revealed in dark comfort to warm, gilded bursts of light reflected by the brass lamps.

Yet again, it pays tribute to the nobility of the nocturnal animal. Immortalized in a huge portrait, where he poses between sand and bamboo, dignified and majestic. This tiger painting was custom-made in Vietnam in the tradition of Asian paintings, with the fur embroidered by hand. His image presides over the Royal table of the place, an exotic diversion under the palm fronds, surrounded by vintage bamboo chairs. Other friendly tables are arranged around him to better share and celebrate his arrival. Because it’s all about this ornate cave, this private bar, coming to life, where the DJ plays at night. The spot will be hot, with a mini dance floor that appears with the scene.

Finally, at the back of the room, in order to warm up for the night’s festivities and to take advantage of the view on the oustide, the tables are higher and the bench seating looks like a gallery, nestled in a library.

Obviously, like in Megeve, the signature is everywhere—the embroidered TIGrr seal decorates table linens, cushions, and other accessories. A graphic signature, as an ideogram designed by Philippe Di Meo, reemphasizes the identity of the place.


The beast kept its wild and savage nature and decided to mark its territory outside, by reserving you/ setting up tables overlooking the Tropezian savannah. Dense vegetation, bamboo, oaks, and hundreds-year-old pines open onto a panoramic view of the Gulf of Saint Tropez that will make even the most jaded ones roar.


Le TIGrr Saint-Tropez 
Café Hôtel ERMITAGE 
14 avenue Paul Signac 
83990 Saint-Tropez 
+33 4 94 810 81



The son and grandson of hoteliers, Jérôme Foucaud honed his talents over a ten-year period in the seasonal luxury hotel business in Saint-Tropez and Courchevel, before leaving his role as operations manager for Hôtels Byblos to embark on the Murano adventure in 2003. Between 2004 and 2009, he created two strong and distinctive hotel brands, Murano Resort and KUBE Hotel, and opened four establishments in Paris, Marrakech and Saint-Tropez. In spring 2010, approaching the age of forty and with twenty years’ experience, he decided to set up his own business: 00F
Jérôme Foucaud is currently busy working on projects in a variety of areas:
- The hotel and restaurant trade as a consultant, developer and/or operator.
- Communication and PR.
- Investments in the hotel and restaurant sector.
As part of his consulting business, Jérôme Foucaud is currently assisting with several plans for hotel and restaurant complexes due to open between summer 2014 and 2018. In addition, since the beginning of 2012, he and his teams have been running two exceptional establishments: le Domaine des Andéols in the Luberon and l’Hôtel Ermitage in Saint-Tropez.
Given his close affinity with his native Savoy, Le TIGRR Megève is a project very close to Jérôme Foucaud’s heart and has offered him the opportunity to return to the region of his paternal grandparents, who had initially introduced him to the hotel and restaurant business.
Saint-Tropez was an obvious destination for the second den of Le TIGRR, as Jerome Foucaud has resided with his family on the peninsula for the past twenty years.


Originally from Marseille, Philippe Di Méo left the allures of the great Mediterranean port city in 1982 to train as an architect at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Aix-en-Provence before moving on to Paris. Graduated with a degree in design, he quickly went on to set up his own agency in 1989 called Reso Design.
From the outset, he has worked closely with the world of luxury design, adding his own personal touch and preserving the authenticity and savoir-faire of each of the famous names he has worked with, while simultaneously bringing them smoothly up to date.
Over the last 20 years, he has produced numerous creations for the likes of Moët & Chandon, Dom Pérignon, Baccarat, Christofle, Raynaud, Sofitel, Coca Cola, Guerlain, Jean Paul Gaultier, Sephora and recently Arte. After several exhibitions in Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong, Philippe Di Méo forged ahead in his independent career by creating exclusive items for some of the biggest names in French tableware and homeware.
Whether working solo or as a part of a team, Philippe Di Méo is firmly committed to a sense of freedom and an open mind, always ready to break new ground and explore new possibilities.
Since their first meeting in Paris in 2004, Jérôme Foucaud and Philippe Di Méo have worked closely together on a number of projects.
For this latest collaboration, the artist was responsible for creating a new name, TIGRR, a new identity, and a new scenography for the restaurant and bar areas for both the Megeve and the Saint-Tropez locations.


With twenty years’ experience in the luxury restaurant business, Arnaud Duhem is very much a man of action. After five years in a variety of roles with the Alain Ducasse Group, Arnaud Duhem turned his skills to luxury hotel restaurants. Between 2005 and 2009, he was the Director of Food & Beverage at the Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme, and under his leadership, operation enjoyed growing success year after year. In 2007, the bar was voted the best hotel bar in Europe (Prix Villégiature), and in March 2008 the Pur’ restaurant was awarded 1 star by the Guide Rouge. In early 2010, Arnaud Duhem joined the Shangri-La Hôtel Paris project as Director of Food & Beverage, with the mission of creating the establishment’s entire Food & Beverage offerings and ensuring the very highest standards of service, management, hospitality and quality for the hotel’s six points of sale (three restaurants, one bar, banquet and reception room, and room service). In March 2012, just 14 months after the opening, two of the three restaurants earned recognition by the Guide Rouge (l’Abeille 2 stars and le Shang Palace 1 star).
In 2012, Arnaud Duhem founded Carpe Duhem, a hotel and restaurant consultancy. He works frequently with Jérôme Foucaud, designing and realizing various restaurants and bars.
For the TIGRR project, Arnaud Duhem has provided the benefit of all his skill and experience to help with the creation of the tableware, menus, and selecting suppliers and products.


Dan Adrien and Jérôme Foucaud became friends thirty years ago thanks to their shared love of music. Since then, their professional careers have crossed paths on many occasions.
Dan Adrien began his career as a DJ in 1985 at La Grange in Courchevel 1850.
In the summer months, he ruled over the turntables at the no less famous Caves du Roy in Saint-Tropez and the Amnésia in Cap d’Agde.
In 2002, he moved to Paris, where he still lives. After a spell as resident DJ at theTanjia, he became artistic director at the Nirvana in 2003.
In 2004, he joined the group Murano in Paris as artistic director and DJ: for six years he held court at the Murano Resort in Paris and Marrakech, as well as the Kube Hotel in Paris and Saint-Tropez, famous for their ice bars.
Since the end of 2012, Dan Adrien has been working on a freelance basis, dividing his time between providing musical sets for venues or events and booking artists.
At Le TIGRR Megève, Dan Adrien, the experienced DJ par excellence, orchestrates a program that transcends frontiers and fashions: his sound is at once qualitative, rare and fun, a journey into classic funk, house and disco from the 70s to the present day…


Christophe Lapagne is well-known in Mégève.
For the last twelve years or so, he has run the legendary jazz club Les 5 Rues. Christophe Lapagne also owns two restaurants in the village:Tante Alice, and Le Café de la Poste (opened November 2013).
Christophe Lapagne and Jérôme Foucaud worked together for the first time in Saint-Tropez in the early 90’s alongside Joseph.
For Jérôme Foucaud, Le TIGRR would simply not have been possible without Christophe.


With a Masters in Tourism from the University of Angers and additional training in Orlando, Florida, Christophe Lemblé embarked on an internship with Jérôme Foucaud in June 2007.
Since then, the two have continued to work together.
From Paris to Marrakech, via Saint-Tropez and Megève, the young man from Alsace has accompanied Jérôme Foucaud in most of his professional adventures.
Since May 2012, Christophe Lemblé has been in charge of l’Hôtel Ermitage in Saint-Tropez for the summer season.
With the local connections built up over two winter seasons spent in Megève in 2010 and 2012, Christophe Lemblé is the master of the house at the TIGRR Megève.