snowboard rebels vs. dom perignon society

St Moritz’s rebel snowboarders expose the gritty side of Switzerland's luxury ski resort

Through the eyes of a clique of local snowboarders, Zürich-born director Kris Lüdi documents the countercultural underbelly of St Moritz—a Swiss ski resort commonly regarded as the winter playground of the rich and famous. 

Enviable images of fur coats and bottles of Dom Pérignon are juxtaposed against snapshots of burnt hash and broken boards. Lüdi comments, “By having acquaintances from both the luxurious and rebellious sides of St Moritz, I was able to create a film that visually translates the dichotomy between the two worlds.” 

The self-taught director reveals that the alpine town’s often overlooked sense of authenticity can be found in its snowboarders who spurn the opulence of St Mortiz living. To this end, Lüdi highlights that the film’s voiceover speaks in the ancient Swiss language of Rumantsch, which he says, “demonstrates that alternate lifestyles and sophisticated traditions can still be preserved in living environments."