'Las Piedras Fasano' by Isay Weinfeld in Uruguay

Simply put, there are some structures that simply blow you away. Structures that make your whole being travel with a mere glimpse of an image, an interior space or a view to an outer landscape. This structure is exactly that and it entails all these factors. Its name – Las Piedras Fasano, its purpose – hospitality complex – its location Punta del Este in Uruguayand its goal – all, add up to the dream.

The architect behind the dream is Isay Weinfeld who collaborates with Domingos Pascali as a well as a great team to support. The project commenced in 2008 and was built in 2 phases completing in January 2011. One of the most inspiring things about the history of this land is that the previous owner erected his home and studio literally through the rocks of the landscape harmonizing a unique experience. As the architect tells us himself:
‘Upon our arrival for the first land reconnaissance visit, we had no doubt that those buildings and the rustic and unique workmanship element– should be preserved. The detailed study of the program/client brief led us to resort to scattering the units as isolated modules that “landed naturally” on the terrain, just the rocks themselves’.
Isay Weinfeld

Through the rawness of the cladding, the structures the surroundings a naked exterior edge which counterbalances with the interiors. This complex which totals a built up area of 43,000sqft combines private homes, hotel bungalows and other amenities – a spa, equestrian center, golf, polo fields and a 3-km beach stretch on the riverside of Arroyo Maldonado spread across 480 hectares dominated by a dramatic and dazzling landscape.
Each structure is designed with great detailing according to the use itself. One of our favourite features is the ideology behind the main reception and the ‘Las Piedras’ restaurant, which is housed inside the original U shaped existing house. The ‘Fasano’ restaurant is housed in the original studio, which was designed with minor interventions. Here an atmospheric character is retained through the worn out woodwork on the floor, doors, ceilings and windows, with an extension of the exterior deck for even more lounging. While retaining this great architectural character, a new raw concrete volume slightly lower than the stone structure was interconnected to host the kitchen. This structure has been designed respecting the existing studio and is a unifying element within the rocky surroundings.

Within the interiors the language is simple; the retention of the existing character in the existing modules and simplicity of modernity in the new modules. Large open spaces, endless unframed glazings, and the purity of whiteness are all combined with rustic woods, saddle leather and eclectic furniture items. A typical day within these interiors goes something like this:
Waking up to endless views and the essence of nature, then a walk through the landscape in the light morning breeze to breakfast on the terrace under the bamboo pergola, the green upholstery through the wood mesh chairs and the sound of crystal glasses and silver cutlery. After that, a coffee on the patio looking over the endless abyss. Later on, a visit to the stark modern spa where calm and serenity are of prime focus through the simplistic design. After relaxing after one’s pampering session on your bed by the window, new attire is needed for the property’s bar full of old character and great escapes while the sun majestically sets. Following that it’s all about candlelight, lanterns and the exquisiteness of dinner. Finally, the bold clear midnight walk through nature to your personal warm quarters waiting for a new day to greet you with the first glance to the outside world.
Paradise is here and its name is Las Piedras Fasano!


Brazilian hotelier Rogério Fasano’s latest creation is set among the rocky pampas of Uruguay. And the secret of his success? A creatively inspiring working relationship with designer Isay Weinfeld.

The Fasano family’s Brazilian hotels are both about as fine as a luxury boutique hotel can get, and in the luxe out-of-town playground of Punta del Este, they might very well have been tempted to repeat the formula. Instead they’ve opted for something a little more private — rather than a high-rise hotel with all the trappings, the Fasano Las Piedras is a collection of low stone villas, designed by modernist architect Issay Weinfeld to blend somewhat with the waterside landscape, a mile or two inland along the Maldonado.

That location is a bit novel as well; Punta del Este is known as a beach resort, but Las Piedras aims to combine easy enough beach access with a sense of pastoral seclusion. Like a lot of other high-end hospitality developments it’s partially a residential project, and it’s no easy matter telling where the owners’ villas end and the hotel’s villas begin. This is a good thing, as the hotel experience, ideally, ought to be as similar as possible to the residential experience.

The look is clean and contemporary, both inside and out, and like all things Fasano, it pretty effortlessly radiates glamour. Particular highlights include a pool cut directly into a rock face, as well as a spa and fitness complex with another indoor pool. A new Fasano is going to get attention no matter what — for putting a new spin on a familiar destination, this one deserves particular mention.

How to get there:

Fasano Las Piedras is a 2h drive from Carrasco International Airport in Montevideo. Private airport transfers can be arranged. 

Residing in the raw countryside of Punta del Este, Uruguay is the Fasano Las Piedras. This shelter has become a posh destination for Brazilian celebrities and super models due to incredible amenities which include private villas, a beach club, boathouse, horizon pool, and even a polo field.

Designed by Isay Weinfield, the Fasano Las Piedras blends country living and coastal lifestyle seamlessly. The building is comprised of granite creating a contemporary design that is nothing short of breath taking. All in all, there are twelve suites alongside twenty bungalows.

Fasano’s first foray outside of his native Brazil comes in the form of an exotic, picturesque escape nestled into the countryside of Punta del Este, Uruguay. Fasano Las Piedras has become a destination for Brazilian celebs and supermodels and boasts a polo field, private villas, and a beach club among other amenities.

Set inland among a rural landscape dotted with pine trees, grassy dunes and fleeting ocean views, the luxury hotel is a marriage of country and sea. Designed by Isay Weinfeld the lobby features huge slabs of exposed granite and reclaimed ceiling beams set against a backdrop of modern mission style décor and lux Italian furnishings. The twenty bungalows and twelve suites offer a calming, neutral palette of earth tone walls, wood paneling and supple, leather touches. It’s the perfect oasis for a chic, active crowd that fancies melding sport with glamour. They’ve got their pick from polo grounds, horizon pool, spa, equestrian center and boathouse.  laspiedrasfasano.com

Architects: Isay Weinfeld 
Location: Punta del Este, Uruguay
Collaborator: Domingos Pascali
Project Manager: Monica Cappa
Team: Marcelo Alvarenga, Adrianaun, Bruno Levy, Manoel Maia, Alexandre Nobre, Juliana Scalizi
Built Area: 43,000 sq ft
Building Completion: December 2008 (Phase 1), January 2011 (Phase 2)
Photographs: FG+SG – Fernando Guerra, Sergio Guerra

The scenery inspired the previous owner to erect, with the rocks found in the area, his home and studio. Upon our arrival to the first land reconnaissance visit, we had no doubt those buildings – rustic and of unique workmanship – should be preserved.

The detailed study of the program/client brief led us to resort to scattering the units making up the complex, conceived and distributed as isolated modules that “landed naturally” on the terrain, such as the rocks themselves – a solution intended at preventing the erection of massive buildings or volumes that might excessively interfere with the landscape. It also led to the decision of setting the hotel reception and the Las Piedras Restaurant at the ancient home and, at the studio, the Fasano Restaurant.