The Far Out Freestyle Fashion of Byron Bay / the bikini land

Playful looks abound in this beach community where the waves become a runway — hiding out as far east as you can go in Australia.



I love my bikinis to have a bit more coverage. This one is from a local designer, Saint Helena, and I love them because they are feminine and offer that coverage. I don’t want to be coming off a wave and worrying about where my bottoms and tops are. The girls surfing here at The Pass are pretty stylish. The wave can be a bit of a runway, there are lots of girls in high cut bikinis and jewelry. I’m not into it as much but I can appreciate the beauty of it. It’s fun. There are so many female surfers here, it is a female-dominated line up now, hence why I think fashion and surfing is popular here. The waves are relaxed and mellow, everyone is happy to share. Party waves!

The Byron Bay area feels like home for us, there is such a lovely attitude here, you’re free to wear what you like and be who you want to be.

I feel the best today. The style here is absolute freedom.

I pretty much like to be able to go swimming whenever I can so I’m always in a bikini and then I’ll just chuck some pants on. Utility pants are my go-to so I’m ready to do anything. I like to be able to feel feminine and also strong and grounded at the same time. The jewelry I’m wearing around my neck I have made myself from stones that I have found. Byron is full of a mix of styles, it’s a great place to come, lose yourself and then redefine yourself.

I dress quite eclectically. When I’m in Byron, I dress to match the hippie vibe and wear anything that’s beach-friendly. When I’m in the city, I’ll dress much quirkier, but I like to shop in Byron for the local labels.